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General Liability Insurance Basics

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover? General Liability insurance covers third party claims, i.e. the somebody else experienced a loss for which you are responsible.  These losses can include bodily injury, personal injury, property damage or advertising injury.  The policy will also pay defense costs, administration costs and court costs for settling covered claims. General…

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Additional Insured Explained

When you think of an “additional insured,” you probably think of someone being added to your insurance—like putting your children on your auto policy, for instance. But this is not the case. When you add someone to your insurance, that person will be protected in the same way you are under the policy. An “additional…

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Not All General Liability Policies Are The Same

Two Types of General Liability: Claims Made and Occurrence If you’re a contractor or small business owner, you face plenty of risk when it comes to liability and litigation.  Commercial General Liability insurance plays a key role in helping you manage these risks. But not all Commercial General Liability policies are the same.  There are…

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Commercial General Liability Limits Explained

The Commercial General Liability section of your certificate of insurance shows the following limits: $1,000,000  | EACH OCCURRENCE $100,000     | DAMAGE TO RENTED PREMISES (Ea Occurrence) $5,000         | MEDICAL EXP (Any One Person) $1,000,000  | PERSONAL AND ADV INJURY $2,000,000  | GENERAL AGGREGATE $1,000,000  | PRODUCTS – COMP/OP AGG But what…

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