Orr & Associates Insurance Services provides contractors with a new way to buy general liability insurance, one job at a time. Until recently the only option for small contracting companies was to buy policies on an annual basis. While annual policies work for some, not everyone can afford to make monthly payments for insurance that they don't use. For contractors who are semi-retired, work part-time or perform a variety of operations, Per Project Insurance is a great alternative.

A few key issues solved by Per Project insurance are:

1. Contractors can now add a line item for "general liability insurance" on their bids. This allows you to easily job cost your insurance while at the same showing your clients that their project will be insured.

2. Contractors who don't work for the entire year no longer need to make monthly insurance payments in the off-season.

3. Many annual policies are written on a class specific basis, meaning that only one type of operation is covered. With Per Project insurance, you no longer you can bid on a variety of jobs without being restricted by your insurance policy.

Quotes can be obtained instantly on our online rater. Just follow the steps below and have your insurance needs covered in less than an hour. So what are you waiting for?  Get a free no obligation quote now!